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Polish enterprises Go China!

Time: 2014-08-21
Polish enterprises Go China!

27% of questioned Polish entrepreneurs do business with China and one of the most important sources about information concerned the Chinese market come from PAIiIZ websites - such statement comes from Poland-China: Assessment of Polish Enterprises Cooperation with China report.

The report, developed by KPMG and PISM, points out that Polish business is starting to be more intrested in cooperation with China. Nowadays, 11% of Polish entrepreneurs declare the will to start business cooperation with Chinese, 27% admit that is already present in Asia. Moreover half of these companies plan to expand their previous partnership. It’s worth to admit that trade has been dominated by import companies (76%). Quarter of them decided to invest or export their products to Asiatic partners. 

Polish entrepreneurs are often afraid of problems, which can occur during the cooperation with Chinese. They stress different business culture or high transport costs. That’s why 80% of Polish companies expect help from state institutions. Especially in finding reliable partners, protection of their business in China and mediations in the case of conflict. What’s interesting, only four out of five companies currently use an institutional support. It is clear that Poles in majority try to gain information about China on their own. Mostly, they scoop other businesses that are already present in Asia (63%) or do the search the Internet (87%). To the most popular websites, that are used by Polish entrepreneurs already active in China, are and both run by PAIiIZ. 6% of respondents admit to use PAIiIZ services. (KPMG/PAIiIZ)