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Why Exhibiting

Your Business Opportunity - China’s Health Industry Market


China's health literacy level was 6.68% in 2008 and 20% in 2020.

600 billion

Chinese deaths from chronic diseases account for 87% of the total mortality rate, and the burden of diseases caused by chronic diseases accounts for 70% of the total burden of diseases in China, but these chronic diseases are prevent– able and controllable

16 trillion

By 2030, the market size of the health industry will increase from 3.8 trillion to 1G trillion, and the health service industry has been defined by the international economic circles as "an unlimiŁed and vast industry ".

400 million

ln 2070, the number of elderly population in China will reach t80 million, and the aging level will be 17.7. The higher the number of elderly people, the higher the demand, concern and urgency for health, which is also a reason for the rapid development of the health industry

IHE China: China's Authoritative B2B Fair for Health Industry

The 31th China (Guangzhou) lnternational Health lndustry Expo (IHE China-inter Health Expo) is an international annual B2B trade show on nutrition, health food and health care products service held in Guangzhou. Being the first of its kind introducing ‘big health’ concept onto a trade show platform in China, IHE China is a significant health industry exhibition in China. IHE China which covers the whole health industry value chain has been an ideal platform for overseas enterprises and fine products to enter the Chinese market.

Exhibition Area



Your Platform to Put Your Products in the Hands of Buyers in CHINA!

Excellent resources and efficient docking

A large-scale professional exhibition in the field of health in the Asia Pacific region, with the centralized appearance of leading brands at home and abroad, is the industry's preferred new product release platform. Relying on the diversified business resources covering channels, end purchasers and professional service providers, as well as the full support of domestic and foreign industry associaŁions and organizations, the exhibition creates a complete business service chain and realizes eficient exchanges and cooperation at all ends of the industry

Focus on hot spots and hit the front

The conference covers hot topics such as policy interpretation, marketing innovation and market access, covers many subdivided fields and consumption scenarios, and has face-to-face exchanges and discussions with industry experts and opinion leaders to meet the needs of merchants tto learn knowledge, expand contacts and seek cooperation

Directional invitation, resource integration

lHE China makes personalized and precise invitations to audiences of diferent themes, industries and channels, deeply cultivates the South China sales network, and focuses on inviting high-end channels such as chain pharmacies, e-commerce / cross-border e-commerce, supermarkets, mother and baby stores, health product stores, health food / beverage distributors, agents and direct sales stores all over the country to organize on-site procurement

Internal and external circulation, whole chain coordination

Gather the world's leading health industry brands to open an unprecedented cutting-edge experience for the majority of exhibitors, brands, industry elites and scholars. Accurately grasp the new trend of the industry, closely follow the industry outlet, vigorously develop various products upstream and downstream of the big health industry chain, and create a professional, diversified, one-stop procurement platform driven by foreign trade and domestic sales

Precise promotion and intensive output

IHE China continues to innovate the content and form of communication. Through intensive momentum and high–frequency reporŁs from more than 100 industry media around the world, lhe China timely promotes the latest highlights and trends of ihe China, takes multiple measures at the same time, strengthens the international voice, comprehen-sively disseminates the super strength of ihe China, and continues to expand the global influence of the exhibition

IHE China: China’s Leading B2B Fair for Health Industry

Covering All Sectors of the Industry

Healthy and nutritious food
Special dietary food
Traditional Chinese medicine and health products
Maternal and child health
Home medical devices
Health management / services
High end water and imported food
Healthy Cereals, Oils and organic foods
Food packaging machinery

The Following Brands have made IHE Part of their Business Success in South China

IHE China is Supported by Key Government and Industry Associations in and out of China


Featured Product Categories at IHE China

Healthy Food and Supplement

Nutritional products, nutritional supplements, nutritional fortified foods, sports nutrition foods, rehabilitation nutrition, health food, maternal and child food, healthy food, bee products, functional food, special medical use formula food, special diet, dietary supplements, vitamin and mineral food, new resources food, etc.

Intestinal Health

Probiotics, prebiotics, enzyme, functional fermented foods, culture and test equipment, scientific research institute, new technology, etc.

Medical Equipment & Surgical Instruments

Medical equipment, surgical Instruments, dental device, medical consumable, hospital equipment and software, etc.

Beauty and Wellness

Hydrogen products, enzyme slimming products, anti-aging, beauty oral solution, functional beauty, products, cosmetics, breast beauty, weight loss, freckle acne, sunscreen detoxification, health care products, vision health care, massage, fumigation products, moxibustion, traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy products;

Health Industrial Park and Base

The governments around the health industry, industrial park base, planning, display, promotion, investment activities;

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Invigorant

Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginseng, saffron, fish oil, honey, herbal tea, bird’s nest, royal jelly , pilose antler, sea cucumber, Chinese wolfberry, etc.

Maternal and Child Health

Postpartum rehabilitation equipment and supplies, national maternal and child services and joining, maternal care and infant products, nutrition and health food, reproductive health, technical service providers.

Smart Elderly Care

Wearable health equipment, communication care, vital signs detection equipment, smart home, management system of endowment institution, Information Management System, home care service, senior tourism, endowment financial service, etc.

Imported Healthy Food and Health Care Products

Imported nutritional supplements, imported milk powder, imported health food, imported consumer electronics, imported beauty anti-aging products, imported health products;

Package and production equipment

Production equipment of Chinese herbal pieces, packaging of Chinese herbal pieces, health product packaging, packaging materials, pharmaceutical packaging boxes, packaging bottles, packaging and printing labels;


Meet with our Key Buyers Sourcing Health Products in South China

Key Buyers include …

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VIP Buyers from Major Industry Organizations

  • Chinese Pharmacy Management College
  • Guangdong Pharmacy Alliance
  • Guangdong E–Commerce Association
  • Guangxi Supplier lndustry Association
  • Global Union
  • lmportfood.Net
  • Foshan Beauty Association
  • Service lndustry Association
  • Foshan Nanhai District Food and Beverage
  • Shenzhen Medicine Profession Association
  • Guangdong Cross-border Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.
  • Hong Kong lnternational Federation of Chinese Businessmen
  • Hong Kong Chinese Merchants Ynion Association
  • Guangdong East Chamber of Commerce of lmporters & Exporters
  • Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Professional Association
  • Zhuhai Pharmaceutical Distribution lndustry Association
  • Foshan Shunde Health Care Chamber of Commerce
  • Guangzhou Chain Store & Franchise Association
  • Guangzhou Area Catering Trade Association
  • ......

You Get More than a Show Floor Presence at IHE China

Around the theme of "healthy China and bless the world", the 30th Guangzhou lnternational Health Exhibition presented a number of activities with diFerent content dimensions. More than 100 brands participated in the activities, and more than 3700 audiences listened and interacted on site. Each event was almost full. Their display and sharing have inspired new inspiration for people in the big health industry, triggered new opportunities, opened a new perspective for the future big health ecology, and expanded a new way of industry cooperation.

The 6th China Legal Bird's Nest Market National Policy Presentation

There were more than 201 birds nest industrial professionals from domestic and overseas to discuss the latestpolicies and development trends of the legal bird's nest market. Additionally, attendees had a further discussion onhow to assure the quality of bird's nest and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

2021 Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan district health industry marketer Exchange Conference

This is a top-level event of nutrition and health science and technology. With the theme of "focusing on health and promoting the transformation of excellent scientific and technological achievements", the forum was attended by more than 300 people from scientific and technological circles and industries at home and abroad. New concepts, technologies and products have opened up a new vision for China's great health cause!

2021 high oleic acid oil quality and nutrition Seminar

Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid. lt can not only reduce low–density lipoprotein cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, but also has better antioxidant stability compared with polyunsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, it is called "safe fatty acid". ln recent years, the sales volume of various kinds of high oleic acid oil products in the oil market has been increasing, which has attracted extensive attention in the industry. ln order to further explore the quality and nutritional value of high oleic oil, the 2021 high oleic oil quality and nutrition seminar hosted by the oil branch of China Grain and oil society was held at the exhibition site.

IHE China official partner awarding ceremony and signing cooperation meeting

ln order to promote the better development of dealers and stores, he China oFicial partner awarding ceremony and signing cooperation meeting were held at the event site,with the main purpose of building a trade platform for communication and exchange between the buyer and the buyer, combined with industry resources, constantly bring innovation and vitality to the industry and realize the sustainable development of the industry. An excellent product award ceremony was also held at the event site to commend outstanding enterprises in the health industry for their eForts and contributions to promoting healthy life. We also hope to promote high–quality products and services in the industry and bring a positive impact on the health industry.

Dawan District Digital Forum on food and packaging intelligent equipment and seminar on food safety and intellectual property protection

Dawan District Digital Forum on food and packaging intelligent equipment and seminar on food safety and intellectual property protection focused on the challenges and opportunities faced by the reform and upgrading, innovation and development of the food industry, deeply analyzed the new development trend after the epidemic in the food industry, and focused on the interpretation and in–depth discussion on the construction of a new ecosystem in the food industry. The forum aims to promote the healthy development of the food industry, pay attention to the new development trend of the food industry, explore the implementation experience of digital upgrading of the industry, and build a platform for communication, learning and growth for the industry.

Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District Maternal and child health and pelvic floor rehabilitation navigator Forum

The forum was hosted by Guangdong urogenital Association, undertaken by basin branch of Guangdong urogenital Association, CO organized by Yaoli Yaokang University Co., Ltd., China family planning and obstetrics magazine, Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., and supported by Department of Gynecology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University and Jingxiang pelvic floor (Guangdong) Medical Research lnstitute. With the theme of "caring for maternal and child health and paying attention to pelvic floor rehabilitation", the forum strongly invites domestic authoritative experts, well-known scholars, industry veterans and industry media to participate in an industry event.