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The 31st China (Guangzhou) International
Health Industry Expo


August (Waiting...)

China Import & Export
Fair Complex

Featured Product Categories at IHE China

Healthy and nutritious food

Nutritional products, nutritional supplements, nutritional fortified foods, sports nutrition foods, rehabilitation nutrition, health food, maternal and child food, healthy food, bee products, functional food, special medical use formula food, special diet, dietary supplements, vitamin and mineral food, new resources food, etc;


Ginseng, velvet antler, bee milk, squalene, seal oil, honey, toad, longan meat, sea cucumber, bird's nest, Ejiao, American ginseng, turtle, etc;

Household medical devices

household inspection products, household therapeutic instruments, household health care products, house-hold nursing products, household disinfection and purification products, household first aid products, medical smart wear, etc;

High-end water and high-end imported food

Packaging drinking water products, hydrogen-rich drinking water industry, functional drinking water and equipment, high-end water supporting services, high-end imported healthy food, healthy snacks, healthy drinks and juice,low-fat food;

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Products

Traditional Chinese medicine pieces and medicinal diet and health products, health physiotherapy services and equipment and equipment, health and chronic disease management;

Maternal and child health

Postpartum rehabilitation equipment and supplies, maternal care and infant products, nutrition and health food, reproductive health, technical service providers;

Health Management Services

Health management, medical tourism, rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment, rehabilitation aids, sports diagnosis and treatment equipment, household medical equipment;

Healthy Grain, Oil and Organic Food

edible oil, nutrition and health high-end oil, rice, miscellaneous grain and staple food, rice products, grain and oil machinery, other machinery, packaging equip-ment and materials, testing instruments, new technology / new achievements, organic food and supplies;

Food Packaging Machinery

Food processing machinery, food packaging equipment, food and beverage machinery, packaging materials, supporting equipment, packaging and printing machinery;