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The 31st China (Guangzhou) International
Health Industry Expo 2023


9-11 June

China Import & Export
Fair Complex

Featured Product Categories at IHE China

Healthy Food and Supplement

Nutritional products, nutritional supplements, nutritional fortified foods, sports nutrition foods, rehabilitation nutrition, health food, maternal and child food, healthy food, bee products, functional food, special medical use formula food, special diet, dietary supplements, vitamin and mineral food, new resources food, etc.

Intestinal Health

Probiotics, prebiotics, enzyme, functional fermented foods, culture and test equipment, scientific research institute, new technology, etc.

Medical Equipment & Surgical Instruments

Medical equipment, surgical Instruments, dental device, medical consumable, hospital equipment and software, etc.

Beauty and Wellness

Hydrogen products, enzyme slimming products, anti-aging, beauty oral solution, functional beauty, products, cosmetics, breast beauty, weight loss, freckle acne, sunscreen detoxification, health care products, vision health care, massage, fumigation products, moxibustion, traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy products;

Health Industrial Park and Base

The governments around the health industry, industrial park base, planning, display, promotion, investment activities;

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Invigorant

Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginseng, saffron, fish oil, honey, herbal tea, bird’s nest, royal jelly , pilose antler, sea cucumber, Chinese wolfberry, etc.

Maternal and Child Health

Postpartum rehabilitation equipment and supplies, national maternal and child services and joining, maternal care and infant products, nutrition and health food, reproductive health, technical service providers.

Smart Elderly Care

Wearable health equipment, communication care, vital signs detection equipment, smart home, management system of endowment institution, Information Management System, home care service, senior tourism, endowment financial service, etc.

Imported Healthy Food and Health Care Products

Imported nutritional supplements, imported milk powder, imported health food, imported consumer electronics, imported beauty anti-aging products, imported health products;

Package and production equipment

Production equipment of Chinese herbal pieces, packaging of Chinese herbal pieces, health product packaging, packaging materials, pharmaceutical packaging boxes, packaging bottles, packaging and printing labels;