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Exhibits Categories

Nutrition & Health Food Health food, foods for special medical purpose (FSMP), dietary supplement, high-end drinking, nutritional health raw materials, grain and oil, enzyme, high-end imported food, health drink.etc.
Tonics and Natural Herbal Products Chinese herbal medicines, natural herbal products, ginseng, precious herbs, moxibustion, etc.
Bird's Nest Imported bird’s nest, dry bird's nest, instant bird's nest, bird's nest products, Imported bird’s nest, dry bird's nest, instant bird's nest, bird's nest products. etc.
Maternal & Child Health Pregnancy and baby food, milk powder, complementary foods, maternity hotels, breast health care, postpartum care, health toiletries, infant and young child nutrition. etc.
Health Management and Rehabilitation Medical examination center, health care, health education, cross-border medical care, beauty clinic, old-age care, resorts, rehabilitation agencies, airline hotel, sleep management, rehabilitation facilities. etc.
Biotechnology & WIT120 Genetic testing, cancer screening, stem-cell, smart wearable devices, medical robot, assisted reproduction, VR, remote medical treatment, big data. etc.
Medical & Surgical / Dental instruments Household medical devices, surgical instruments, dental instruments, air cleaner, health electronic products, rehabilitation equipment, water purification, beauty clinic.etc.
Packing & Pharmaceutical Machinery Packing machinery, packing box, gift box, label printing, etc.