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Life of GuangZhou - Markets for Food, Liquor

Time: 2014-11-24

Cantonese enjoy fine and diversified food, a dynamic night life, and booming business. These three aspects of Cantonese life are a great incentive for wholesale markets trading in food, beverages and cigarettes. These markets are mainly located in the following four areas:

Chatou (槎头) on the northwestern outskirts of the city is a bustling world with numerous markets specialized in food – vegetables, fruits, refrigerated meat, eggs, seasonings and so on. The Jiang-nan Vegetables and Fruit Market is located here and is the largest of its kind in Guangzhou.

Thanks to its proximity to the north-bound Guangzhou-Qingyuan Expressway and Guangzhou"s largest logistics area, Chatou is the biggest wholesale food market in the province. A torrent of food and goods arrive and leave this area at every hour of the day, often descending from the north of the province before being dispatches across the city.

Add: Chatou, Zengcha Lu, Baiyun District 

Tianping Jia Fruit Market (天平架水果市场) is located in the north-east of Guangzhou. This market is another dispatching center dedicated to expensive and high-quality fruit

Add: Tianping Jia, Shahe Area near Tianhe 

Haiyin Groceries Market (海印糖烟酒批发市场) can be found in the southern part of the city, right next to the Pearl River. It provides liquor, beverages, cigarettes, and other kinds of grocerie. It is a small-scale and traditional local wholesale market.

Add: Dongxiao Lu, south of Haiyin Bridge in Haizhu District 

Yide Lu Groceries Market (一德路市场) focuses on a wide range of candies, fruits, peanuts, beans, nuts, and other agricultural products. The stores are mostly found in traditional local Qilou buildings on the narrow old-town streets. Cargo goes to and fro all day long and parking here is a struggle due to the limited space, crowds of people and chaotic traffic. But with such diversity of aromas, colors and people, it"s very hard to not get pulled-in to the excitement.